My go-to oatmeal breakfast recipe

I always tell my friends this … I feel like a grandma sometimes. You know why? I LOVE OATMEAL. It’s honestly freaking great, best thing ever. I’m too excited about this.

On the real though, I used to hate oatmeal but that’s because I remember when I was little my mom made this very plain and bland bowl of oatmeal for me and I didn’t enjoy it one bit. From that one day, I had this idea that oatmeal was disgusting and I had no idea why people enjoyed it so much. I recently been Pinteresting breakfast recipes on my goal to eat healthier and I found several articles about making oatmeal fun and delicious to eat. I thought to myself “Eh, why not?” and I’M SO GLAD I DID. Honestly, I think I might be very late on this oatmeal train but at least I’m on it now *thumbs up*.

I want to share my easy go-to oatmeal recipe that I’ve been eating for the past two months or so (not everyday of course! I like to switch what I eat for breakfast). Oh! I eat all three meals everyday. I mostly eat breakfast because it helps me keep my hunger down so I can last until lunch and not overeat. I’ll post a “What I eat on a daily//How I balance my calories” post soon.


Oh! You can also turn this into overnight oats! All you have to do is get a cup or mason jar and fill everything in the jar, put it in the fridge (without microwaving) overnight, and WALA! You can enjoy them for breakfast in the morning.

I need to try some more recipes later and be experimental with my oats but this is my favorite one so far!


– Ying

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