Sunset by the beach



Photos were taken by the super talented Ed.

I want to go do these types of photoshoots more.

I went to Bakers Beach two Saturdays ago and thankgod Karl the fog didn’t show that day. I have never been to any of the beaches by San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge so this day was definitely an experience I won’t forget. The weather wasn’t too cold and it was super clear. The colors on the water was also beautiful because of the sunset! Running in and out of the water was super fun, trying to escape the water when the tide came up and running back in when the water receded. I felt like such a kid.


DEFINITELY WANT TO GO BACK AGAIN! Possibly another shoot on the other side of the bridge?

GIRLS! Don’t you love thick heavy sweaters? They’re honestly perfect in any occasion. I love the huge and super soft ones, I feel like I’m wearing a blanket all the time. So comfy.

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