Formulate – My Honest Review!

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My Current Hair Routine –

Going back to how high maintenance my hair can be – I’ve colored and bleached my hair since 2008 with a few breaks in between. Currently, my hair has been bleached and colored every 3-4 months since 2016 (Yes, I’m a bit crazy and I don’t know when I’ll stop). You can pretty much guess how much products I actually use for my hair to maintain the quality so it doesn’t fall off – because it has before… that’s a whole other story.

I’ve actually become super safe with my hair. Everything I use, I’m extra cautious because something bad can make my hair super dry. I’ve switched from so many brands but the brands I’ve been using constantly is:

  1. Fanola Purple Shampoo – to help my hair with canceling out the brass and help tone my hair to an ashy blonde/grey (depending on the color I have)
  2. Fanola Color Safe Shampoo and Conditioner – I’ve used so many various shampoos and the Fanola shampoo is the one, I’ve found, that doesn’t strip that much color from my hair per wash
  3. Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque (Link) – My hair can get extremely dry that I resort to using 90% hair masks whenever I wash my hair and every now and then use regular conditioner. My conditioning/hair mask routine is completely switched!
  4. Pastel Pink/Blue/Purple Viral Shampoo – My holy grail to help replenish my color inbetween salon visits. If you color your hair, use this! I alternate between using this color shampoo with the Fanola shampoo depending on if I want to deposit color back into my hair for the week.

I also try to not dry my hair with a blow dryer as much as I can.

My Experience Using Formulate –

Initial Conversation

When I was speaking with Formulate’s marketing associate, my concerns were is it color safe and will it dry out my hair since my hair is pretty sensitive to poor quality products. They assured me that it is indeed color safe and they can adjust the formula for my products if the first set doesn’t fit my hair needs (extra hydration).

That’s the beauty of Formulate! We have the power to change the formula so you don’t have to start over. We will evolve with you!

I got my first set back in late October/early November 2017. I was super excited and used the product right away. Per instruction, it said to use 2 pumps and massage it into your hair. I noticed right away that 2 pumps wasn’t enough and that I had to use 4-6 pumps to cover my hair completely. The product also doesn’t lather so that took some time getting used to. I emailed my Formulate contact and was told that 2 pumps was the average pumps from a survey they did with existing testers but the number of pumps is up to the customer.


First Use Experience

From my two uses, I noticed something about my hair texture… it made my hair very dry, course, and found that my color was being stripped out a lot. I never experienced that in awhile since I’ve been using Fanola so seeing my color being washed out and on my towel really scared me. I also noticed that I had to go back and use my original Macadamia hair masks to help restore my hair back to its normal texture. I emailed the marketing associate with my honest first experience saying that I felt that my hair got worse after I used their product and wanted to let them know. I didn’t want to write a review if I had a negative experience and wanted to stop using their product.

My experience with Formulate’s customer experience was really positive. They noticed my concern and immediately addressed it. Apparently I needed another moisturizing agent to help with the dryness.

The head chemist might have found out what was happening to your formula.
She switched to the most gentle surfactant and switched your conditioner to help with color protection.

They sent me back a new set of shampoo and conditioner and ensured that this would be a better experience for me.

Second Use Experience

I got my second set in December 2017 and my experience this time was much better compared to the first use.

My hair color did not strip at all in the shower and didn’t stain my towels. The only thing I experienced that I’m still iffy about is that my hair was more moisturized but not as much to how I like my hair to be since it can look pretty damaged.

To help supplement and add more moisture, I’ve actually changed the routine to rotate using Formulate’s shampoo & conditioner only and using Formulate’s shampoo and my Macadamia oil hair mask on the days my hair feels extra dry.


My Honest Review –

Customer Experience

My experience with Formulate’s customer experience was awesome. My contact was their marketing associate but he was very responsive, noted my concerns, and made adjustments to my formula with their chemist right away. I was really impressed with their response rate and it made me want to continue trying their product since they seemed to really take feedback and make adjustments according to my hair needs.


Overall, I like Formulate as a whole.

I really appreciated the in-depth yet easy questionnaires to help understand my hair needs and goals. I also appreciated the ingredient list they provided to give me full transparency on what was going into the formula.

Scent wise, it’s lightly scented and I really like the smell. I got ‘At Dawn’ which consists of rose, green apple, and pear. They have other scents too including Green With Envy, Eucalyptus, Tidal, Shoreline, etc.

I can tell that my hair quality has been consistently healthy when I used their product after the adjustments and I would continue using it to finish the bottle. After that, I would be willing to make another order and use that on and off with my existing hair routine.

Apparently they have a mobile app where you can communicate directly with their customer service team but I haven’t used that personally.

Their pricing system is $49.00 for the shampoo and conditioner set but if you’re hesistant and want a sample size, they sell a trial size for $19.95. Turn around time was standard so I didn’t feel like I was waiting an eternity.

If you’re a person who is into the whole personalized product fad and was curious about this – I definitely would reccomend trying it once to see how you like it!

You can visit their website here!

Give Away Announcement! January 10 – February 9, 2019

I have some exciting news! If you’re interested in trying, I’m partnering up with Formulate and doing a giveaway for one of you lucky people!

We’re giving away one set of shampoo and conditioner for FREE for one lucky person and for the rest who didn’t win, we’re giving away $5 coupons for their next order.

To enter, go to my link here!


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