At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work? My Personal Experience!


This will be my review with SmileBrilliant’s DIY teeth whitening kit. I’m also hosting a giveaway, more details at the end of this post!

What is SmileBrilliant?

Backed by decades of research and built by hygienists & dental professionals, SmileBrilliant is fighting the yellow teeth dilemma. Find out more at their website here.

My Story

Personally… I drink a lot of coffee. I know how easy coffee can stain your teeth and I have kinda noticed my teeth are less white than before. On top of that, I eat and drink a lot of other foods that can cause staining. So… whenever I have an opportunity to test out new teeth whitening products and see if they work for me – I am down.

My experience with teeth whitening products have varied – I’ve been to the dentist and done a 3 hour long session, I’ve used general whitening toothpaste, and I’ve even bought some whitening strips from Crest because I was curious. Except the dentist, I haven’t seen much results with toothpaste or whitening strips.

I knew about Smile Brilliant from the past because I’ve used their CariPRO electric toothbrush which I enjoyed and I still use! When I was emailed about the opportunity to test out their teeth whitening kit, I was at a mix of excitement and skeptical because of the history of experience I had and the fact that I know my teeth can be sensitive sometimes. Overall though, I was still very curious to see the differences in my teeth which was why I continued on with the opportunity.

We offer custom-fitted whitening trays for 70% less and up to 5x faster.


Before & Afters


It’s really weird for me to show you a zoomed in image of my teeth but here you go haha!


If you’re interested in finding out more about my experience and the whole whitening process, read on!

The Smile Brilliant Product

I was given Smile Brilliant’s T3 sensitive system and the kit included:

  • 3 Sets of impression material
  • 2 impression trays
  • 3 sets of professional teeth whitening gel & desensitizing gel
  • Instruction guides (tray creation, desensitizing gel usage, whitening gel usage)
  • Return card and postage-paid envelope
  • Your very own custom-fitted teeth whitening trays

SmileBrilliant actually recommends custom fitted trays because of the many benefits such as keeping the gel intact with your teeth. Read more here!

Tray Creation Process ~ 5-10 minutes

I’ll give a summarized review of this! The initial process of making your teeth molds was pretty fun – it was like playing with play-doh 🙂

  1. Remove and mix 1 catalyst (white) and 1 base (blue) paste together for exactly 1 minute. The instruction manual was pretty clear on how the end result should look like which should be a very uniform blue color.
  2. After you have your mixed clay, press the clay into the 2 impression trays and press firmly against your teeth for about 45 seconds or until the clay is firm enough that you can remove it cleanly 🙂 What I liked about this process was that there was a lot of pictures provided to show what a correct impression should look like.
  3. Repeat this process with your upper and lower teeth!
  4. Mail in your two impressions and receive your custom fitted whitening trays a few weeks after! SmileBrilliant made the process super simple.
  5. Begin the whitening process woo!!

Impressions should look like this:

Teeth Whitening Process ~ 1-2 months depending on your frequency

I was super excited when my tray came in! SmileBrilliant also provided really clear instructions on the frequency and how much whitening gel and desensitizing gel you should put into your trays.

If you’re curious on finding more information regarding SmileBrilliant’s whitening gel, read more here!

  1. Brush your teeth with water only to prep your teeth for the whitening gel
  2. Dispense a small layer whitening gel into the tray and place it in your mouth
  3. Wait about 30 min ~ 3 hours depending on your teeth sensitivity.
  4. After whitening period is done, brush teeth with toothpaste and dispense a small layer of desensitizing gel to help the pores in your teeth heal back up
  5. Remove tray with desensitizing gel but don’t rinse and you’re done for that session

The recommended time if you don’t feel sensitivity is about 3 hours but for me, I put it on between 30 minutes – 1.5 hours because my teeth & gums did experience some sensitivity. However I was still able to feel the whitening work on my teeth so I think if you have it for a average of 1 hour per session, the gel should work just as fine.

Teeth sensitivity is actually really common and there’s a variety of causes. I was very curious why I had sensitivity and this blog really helped me figure out why and find solutions.

My Experience with the Whitening Process & Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought the whole experience was very delightful. The instructions were very easy to understand and SmileBrilliant provided me everything that I needed. I used this product over the span of 2 months and used it every 2-4 days (however if you wanted to, you can use it for every day).


  • Super easy to do DIY kit, I wasn’t confused at all throughout this process
  • The whitening process is pretty simple and easy to follow and get into a routine
  • I was able to do other things while I wait for my whitening process so it didn’t interrupt me on my daily activities
  • Results are much quicker and I did see some improvement!
  • The person I worked with at SmileBrilliant was really active and replied to all my concerns in a timely fashion


  • The only major thing is gum sensitivity. My gums are actually weird and are sometimes super sensitive and sometimes not at all. My sensitivity to the whitening gel was super random. I would go several applications totally fine (1.5 hours) and some where I had to take it off within 30 minutes. I guess it depends on your teeth & gums so this part might be different for everyone
  • The gel does have a weird taste to it when you put too much on the tray and it overflows onto your tongue etc. It’s not that bad but it does have an interesting taste and you just have to either wipe it off with a tissue or deal with the taste until it goes away.
  • I did have chemical burn one time and my gums turned white – which I hear is pretty normal. This was from one experience where I put too much gel so having a light amount of gel can avoid this problem.


Overall I thought this process was well worth it and I did see some results. My teeth did get a bit brighter – my parents even said so!

Honestly, I felt like I could’ve seen better results if I used this product more often since I did use it every 2-4 days instead of every day. I highly recommend this product if you’re interested in easy to use DIY teeth whitening kits. For people with sensitive gums, I would also suggest applying a light amount of gel. On days where I felt super sensitive, I put a thinner layer of gel and it helped a lot.

If you’re interested in trying out the product, their products range from $149 to 189 depending on the amount of gels you want. HOWEVER! I’m also doing a fun give away! Read on for more information 🙂

~ Smile Brilliant Give Away ~ ! Starts 12/24/2019

If you want to find out how you can win the same Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit I received, read on!

The Sweet Details

What is it? – $149 Smile Brilliant credit to be able to receive the same product I used!

How long is it? – 2 weeks after this posting date!

GIVE AWAY LINK HERE – All you need is your name and email so they can contact you 🙂

If you’re interested in checking out other SmileBrilliant products, use this coupon code for 15% off!

Code: yingwong15

Hope you had fun reading this and I hope this was helpful!

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